Resource Pack

Moses and the Story of Exodus

The story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt, from the Jewish tradition

This pack contains:  a set of eight pictures with very short text and a question; a longer text version of the story; and three suggested lesson plans.  Please select a resource link to download it as a PDF.  A preview gallery of the resources can also be found below. You may use the resources for personal and/or classroom use – please see the copyright notice below.

A set of eight pictures 

  • Designed to include students with short attention and limited comprehension, each picture is a mini story in its own right, showing a key moment in the bigger story of Exodus.  
  • Set in modern-day Britain, with details familiar to many young people. 
  • Accompanied by very short, accessible text and a question, designed to be a starting point for discussion.

A longer text version of the story – Download Here

This gives more background to the story, for teachers and/or pupils with more advanced reading skills.

Three lesson plans

These lesson plans support pupils to:

  • Raise and investigate questions prompted by the story
  • Describe/explain what the story shows about key beliefs and concepts within the religious tradition 
  • Reflect on their own responses to the story and the questions raised.

Is is Fair? Download Here

  • There are three murders in the story.  Are any of them justified?  Why/why not?

What is a Burning Bush Doing in the Story – Download Here

  • Pupils are introduced to the concept of symbol and explore the meaning of the Burning Bush in the story.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Download Here

  • Should Moses choose his quiet life in Midian, or go back and help the slaves in Egypt? Why/Why not?

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

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